About us
2006 April. The new leather and fur clothes Network - "SKIN season - ODOS SEZONAS". 
"SKIN season - ODOS SEZONAS" - the wholesale and retail trade in leather and fur clothing. 
"SKIN season - ODOS SEZONAS" offers a choice, and particularly low prices. 
The network of stores every day, customers are delivered divestitures, promotions, special offers.
       Assortment of various clothing goods groups all seasons. Complement the full range of accessories and notions of natural leather.
       "SKIN season - ODOS SEZONAS " gives you the ability to save and have a functional and fashionable leather clothes. Wanting to buy high-quality, and this season the skin of innovation in shops for you to present your skin and fur clothes from the shops' "WILD CHEETAH - LAUKINIS GEPARDAS", which Lithuania is the market leader.
Nėra tinkamo flash grotuvo - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas